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San Diego Steps Up Stings Against Escorts

Filed in Adult | Posted by admin on September 6, 2023

San Diego boasts one of the highest concentrations of escorts in the US, thanks to its large population, tourism industry and military presence – creating demand for these professionals who may also operate massage parlors that offer sexual services – some may even violate state prostitution or solicitation laws; as a result, law enforcement in San Diego have recently intensified sting operations targeting these women.

The city’s vice department will now mandate more counseling sessions for people who sell sex to escorts as part of its plan to combat prostitution in San Diego and tackle human trafficking. They have joined forces with the County District Attorney’s office, with both providing education on human trafficking as part of this plan as well.

In addition to mandating more counseling sessions, this new plan also proposes changing how the city approaches trafficking cases: now handled by city attorney for felonious trafficking cases while district attorney will focus on misdemeanors; city hopes this change will enhance results and decrease crime.

San Diego-based sex workers must obtain a valid license and cannot engage in sexually charged activity with clients without their explicit permission. They could face prosecution under California Penal Code 311.6 PC for engaging in conduct that amounts to live obscene conduct – such as simulating sexual acts or masturbating in front of them – which includes activities like simulating sexual acts and masturbating in front of them.

If you have been charged with selling or soliciting sex, there are legal defenses that may help your case. To convict on either charge, the prosecutor must demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that you intended to engage in sexual acts with a client, entered an agreement on how compensation for them would be handled, and finally engaged in sexual acts themselves. But even if these allegations arise against you, an experienced San Diego criminal defense lawyer at Davide M. Boertje can provide strong support as your legal advocate in defense.

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