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Clitoral Suction – The Best Sex Toys For Beginners and Experts

Filed in Adult | Posted by admin on May 2, 2024

Clitoral Suction – The Best Sex Toys For Beginners and Experts

Clitoral suction toys are an increasingly popular type of sex toy that target the external clitoris bundle of nerves for pleasure and orgasm. Clitoral suction toys have quickly taken the pleasure industry (and clitorises!) by storm and are great for both beginners and experts alike. While traditional vibrators use imbalance to cause vibrations that move or shake motors or generate shake-and-vibe vibrations through vibrational motors, clitoral suction toys employ negative pressure instead to envelope and stimulate their target clit. Many find this sensation to bring on powerful orgasms when combined with stimulation gel!

However, it’s important to keep in mind that each toy works differently from one another and has various suction intensities and depth lengths. Therefore, it is advisable to do your research, visit sex stores, and try toys in-person before selecting your ideal toy(s). Over time your clitoral sensation and sensitivity can change, meaning one toy you once enjoyed may no longer meet your needs.

After conducting extensive research, we’ve curated a list of the best clitoral suction sex toys to give you an idea of what’s out there. Not only have these toys been specifically designed to cater to queer, trans-masculine and nonbinary bodies but they also come complete with comprehensive instructions that make getting started easier than ever!

Lelo’s Sona is one of the ideal clitoral suction toys for newcomers, providing air suction and vibration technology in an elegant cylinder that’s easy to hold while offering multiple intensities of stimulation. Its smaller nozzle allows it to target your clitoral hood, nipples or any other areas where suction occurs; squeeze harder for stronger suction!

Dame Aer is another fantastic option that combines air-suction and vibration technology in an elegant travel case that doubles as a charger. While slightly less intense than Womanizer Premium, its afterglow feature activates when you press down on it – plus there are six settings to choose from including “fluttering massage”. Rose-colored versions add extra luxe.

Many Suction adult toy brands refuse returns based on questionable grounds that vaginas are too gross and unsanitary to return, but Dame is proud of their product and stands by it by offering exchange or refund policies within 60 days for different models or refunding your money altogether.

No matter how high-quality your clitoral suction toy may be, nothing beats experiencing oral sex with someone you trust and knowing your partner well. Still, these toys may provide much-needed company when feeling lonely or looking to explore clitoral stimulation – just make sure you use mild antibacterial soap or cleaner after every use to protect the hygiene of the device!